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Kings Artist-Run provides a location for contemporary art practice, supporting distinctive experimental projects by artists at all stages of their careers.
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Elmedin Žunić

Middle Gallery
4 Feb 2017–25 Feb 2017
Opening 12.00am 1 Jan 1970

EPICENTRE examines the cultural and chronological perspectives of a traumatic event that took place 24 years ago – a visual review of the Bosnian collective trauma seen from the perspective of a Bosnian émigré.

Trauma is an apparent and visible currency of the Bosnian war, which has clearly been recorded as a part of the world history – invoking a ‘hypothetical shared experience’.

What the presence of the works sets the ground for is, what Roland Barthes calls, the intersubjective space – a psychological act connecting the viewer and the works in a dialogical manner.

Two neat, long tables presented along the middle gallery (2) space, demonstrate an arrangement of ‘archived’ texts and images, individually enclosed in book-like concrete blocks, with formats slightly larger than A4, resting in the space as the weight of their content is reflected in their form.

Žunić’s personal archives, displayed in an athenaeumian manner, invite the spectator into his intimate remarks, partially enclosed, slightly preserved and altogether violated by the materiality of concrete in which they are all set – arrested in the weight of history and bureaucratic sterility.

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