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Kings Artist-Run provides a location for contemporary art practice, supporting distinctive experimental projects by artists at all stages of their careers.
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Know who you are at every age

Amanda Williams

Side Gallery
2 Sep 2017–23 Sep 2017
Opening 6.00pm 1 Sep 2017

‘Know who you are at every age’ examines the history of photography, architectural modernism and the allegorical symbolism of the cave (a symbolic motif representing countless fears and desires over time. An image of the womb as the ultimate primordial refuge and space of creation).

Amanda Williams investigates the natural and built environment which offers a tangible encounter with the thoughts, practices and feelings of another time and place. By focusing on analogue photographic processes, often mixing and omitting key steps in the development of gelatin silver prints and photograms, attention is drawn to how one’s perception of place and its historical content inscribed within the image is susceptible to change over time.

Presented as an event in itself not simply the witness or objective recorder, ‘Know who you are at every age’ forces you to examine what the image could be seen to ‘do’, how it performs and what it can become over time. It is this conceptual encounter with history and memory that mirrors our very relationship with life and the history of photography itself.


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