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Kings Artist-Run provides a location for contemporary art practice, supporting distinctive experimental projects by artists at all stages of their careers.
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Dalton Stewart
Trent Crawford

Middle Gallery
8 Jul 2017–29 Jul 2017
Opening 12.00am 1 Jan 1970

PDLC is an installation project that investigates the perceptual conditions of present information landscapes. It explores ways in which humans deal simultaneously with communication, connection, visibility and privacy in the dense multiplicity of urban experience. The exhibition uses corporeal structures in an installation that facilitates transformative optical views, through lenses, filters, and light that mediate spaces of the everyday.

In polymer dispersed liquid crystal devices (PDLCs), liquid crystals are dissolved or dispersed into a liquid polymer followed by solidification or curing of the polymer. During the change of the polymer from a liquid to solid, the liquid crystals become incompatible with the solid polymer and form droplets throughout the solid polymer. The curing conditions affect the size of the droplets that in turn affect the final operating properties of the “smart window”. Typically, the liquid mix of polymer and liquid crystals is placed between two layers of glass or plastic that include a thin layer of a transparent, conductive material followed by curing of the polymer, thereby forming the basic sandwich structure of the smart window. This structure is in effect a capacitor.


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