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Kings Artist-Run provides a location for contemporary art practice, supporting distinctive experimental projects by artists at all stages of their careers.
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wall work[ing] 7 2015

James Carey

Front Gallery
30 Oct 2015–21 Nov 2015
Opening 6.00pm 30 Oct 2015

wall work[ing] 7, creates a durational-based intervention into the Front Gallery at KINGS. During the installation period prior to opening, and using the gallery as material itself, this intervention will begin with the sanding of all walls within the Front Gallery to subtract the top layer of paint. Immediately, the walls will be painted back to their original condition. Subsequently, using pencil, a durational drawing will ensue across the walls of the Front Gallery, including the opening night of exhibition.

These works provide a physical relation to situations that have materialised in the past. By presenting the subtracted paint dust and the wall drawing, the audience’s spatial, material and temporal relationships are brought into question. This occurs due to an evidencing of ‘something’ happening in the past (a constellation of dust (material)), which no longer exists in the present (where did this dust (material) come from?). By exhibiting the wall drawing in conjunction with the paint dust, there is a folding of multiple times (past / present / future), a collective of times; experienced together.

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