12:22pm Thursday

It came out of my elbow

to form a semi-circle. Not a perfect

semicircle. a rugged semi circle

A weary smile

roughly formed


With little bumps and juts

It rejoined my body

Near my wrist.

Like a growth

Surfaceing for air

I couldn’t feel a thing

But I’m glad I saw it

Before it was gone.

It was mine



She has no idea

How distracted I was

By that charmed snake

Upon her back

Facing my way

I’m not sure who was more charmed




It later relaxed

At some point between “decolinisation”

and “children”



On top of the covers

In a towel the colour of slate

It revealed itself

(Just a few centimetres)


between calf and thigh

A passing truck honked its horn


7:15pm Friday

There it was.

Trapped in a journal.

Between a future today and another


Sprouting up and diving back

down between the pages

Pressed amongst their emptiness

A safe place to be

Where anything remains possible

half of a heart


the bottom lip and inner bosom

meeting at the edge of the page

Left there in privacy


8:40pm Saturday

Spiralling on my chest

Rising and falling with each gentle


But holding on

Springy like

An old fashioned telephone cord

Each curl

So oddly even

As if wound Around

An invisible tube


9:30am Sunday

Two circles overlapped like a venn diagram

Clinging to her chest

Tracing the curves

Shimmering in the evening sun

Golden honey threads

When a gentle breeze puffed them out

They bounced and flapped around from

side to side

While another lay limp

on her thigh


11:24am Monday


On khaki

A twisted figure of eight

With an arm reaching out below

One circle on fabric

The other mainly invisible

Raised to the sky

Much smaller too

Like the head of a child’s snowman



it crept down from the top of her chest to

find her underarm.

Or was it creeping up to find her chest?

A small pile was gathering in her lap


10.06am Sunday

On the train

On the plastic in between the two


In the shadow of my hand typing on my


A black line on beige plastic

I was unsure of its provenance

It was a full circle

The size of a mug

But only 3/4 was really visible

The final quater

Camoflaged by that hideous

Metro fabric

It made me think of Yoko

Who said

This line is part of a large circle


PDF: Hayley Haynes Now I See Them Everywhere (ongoing)