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69 Capel Street, West Melbourne VIC 3003

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Kings Artist-Run provides a location for contemporary art practice, supporting distinctive experimental projects by artists at all stages of their careers.
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KINGS Artist Run acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of the land on which we operate.

We offer our respect to Elders both past and present of the Kulin Nation and extend this offer to all Australian First Nations people

Econasia: maritime

M T Walker

Middle Gallery

Econasia: Maritime is represented in 2 videos & associated photographic works by one of Melbourne’s most promising new video artists. The Econasia series delves into political philosophies associated with the rise of China (Irredentist) and the staunchness of Japanese self-determination (Affirm). The aim of the series is to offer compelling visual aesthetics and an aurally confronting experience; whilst also prompting a politically-oriented appreciation by the discerning public. The subjective nature of the video works relate to modernist socio-political philosophies and are cushioned by narrated texts. Irredentist employs text from Albert Camus’ The Plague, whilst Affirm incorporates a Stamford University published political science text.

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