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Kings Artist-Run provides a location for contemporary art practice, supporting distinctive experimental projects by artists at all stages of their careers.
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KINGS Artist Run acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of the land on which we operate.

We offer our respect to Elders both past and present of the Kulin Nation and extend this offer to all Australian First Nations people

Flickr films

Christopher Handran

Side Gallery

Christopher Handran explores the mediation of experience by technologies such as cameras, projectors and screens, foregrounding the perceptual dimensions of spectatorship. Handran often revisits or reinterprets devices at the historical intersections of art and science, ranging from historical apparatuses such as the camera obscura to today’s global dissemination of digital images.

Flickr films reinterprets the structuralist film genre of Flicker Films, which directed the cinematic apparatus towards an exploration of perceptual affect. Artists and film-makers such as Paul Sharits, Tony Conrad and Arnulf Rainer exploited and exaggerated the flickering operation of the film projector to create overwhelming stroboscopic experiences for their audiences. The work considers this analogue assault on the senses in light of today’s constant flow of digital imagery. The proliferation of digital photography and its distribution reflects a shift in our relationship to photographs, from the preservation of moments to their immediate sharing. Flickr Films renders this overwhelming output as perceptual affect.

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  • Christopher Handran has exhibited widely nationally and internationally, including recent exhibitions at Blindside (Melbourne), Feltspace (Adelaide), SkulpturenMuseum Glaskasten Marl (Germany) and The Block (Brisbane). In 2007 he was awarded the Australia Council London Studio, and in 2015 will undertake a residency at the Institute of Cultural Inquiry, Los Angeles.