Get The ‘First Look!’

Year: 2015
Gallery: KINGS Artist Run
Model: Group Show Edition: First
Materials: Mixed media
Movement: Open plan circulation, some temporal dependence
Authenticity: Original, verifiable upon demand (see below)
Qualifications in pedigree: Multiple BFA, BFA (Hons), undisclosed
Conceptual influences in pedigree: The life of the artist, fashion, music, curatorship, doubt, faith, failure, cross-disciplinary practice, familiarity, strangeness, presence, absence, authorship, photography, archives, interruptions, obstructions, image and reality.
Curated: Yes


Are you ready to get the first look? The culmination of aggregated decades in artistic expertise and training, this show is as stylish as they come. On the outside, you’ll find her deceptively compact and modular, unob- trusively situated on one of Melbourne’s covetable street corners. Inside, she is nothing short of a revelation. Yes, she comes standard with everything you might expect; enclosed spaces, gallery atmosphere, the full complement of attentive staff and a formidable stable of contributing artists. Beyond this, she truly exceeds conventional expectations, a novel and singular bright spark of original verve.

Intrigued? Poised and articulate, she invites you to look further, and with fine acuity. Expect to share in an unfaltering gaze, textured with a binary affectation of criticality with repose. This show does not spook; she merely exists with assured resonance. When you afford her patronage, you receive far greater optical returns than the average group exhibition.

So keep looking. Spend as much or as little time appreciating her many surfaces as you please. Supple and pliant, she seamlessly adapts to solo, fleeting daytime visits, or for all the family to savour. In her individual pieces, you simply will not encounter a more impeccable confluence of media as those on show. Her instal- lation constitutes nothing but the finest sense of aesthetic rigor and custom elegance. She is displayed with a superbly cadenced arrangement that will certainly see her excel in the wider Melbourne artist-run arena. Her spacious, considered curation offers open-plan circulation and leisurely browsing. Each element has received meticulous overhauling, adjustment and revision to create works of conceptual precision, craftsmanship, and cultural durability. The preeminent materials and fine opulence of each work will be immediately evident to the discerning palate.

You’ve stopped looking, because now you’re compelled to wonder. Does she truly occupy the cutting edge of the contemporary art experience? Her lineage is the robust calling card of many esteemed and dynamic art- ists. Through their strategic alliances and partnerships, these expert practitioners have produced a symphony of such unique innovation, it will be impossible for imitators to replicate. Yes, she is guaranteed to age beau- tifully in your recollections. She also comes accessorised with an expanded cultural cachet among your social circles, and the personal satisfaction of having attended a premier event in the Melbourne gallery calendar. Add-on rhetoric and tailored interactions available upon request. To find out more about the merits of view- ing this exemplary show, please see any of our friendly representatives onsite. We will be happy to discuss any questions you may have, and whether any of us has truly experienced what it means to take that first look.