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Kings Artist-Run provides a location for contemporary art practice, supporting distinctive experimental projects by artists at all stages of their careers.
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What happens between the rain and the ground

Jeremy Eaton

Front Gallery
2 Oct 2015–24 Oct 2015
Opening 6.00pm 2 Oct 2015

What Happens Between the Rain and the Ground continues a research project that explores a sacred site Gooninup, in Perth, Western Australia. The exhibition will evoke a relationship between two features, a natural spring and The Swan Brewery, which have been central to the inhabitation and appropriation of the site by various bodies.

In 1837 the brewery was built adjacent to Perth’s first public water supply- a permanent natural spring at the base of Mount Eliza. Subsequently the spring’s water was tapped for the productions of the brewery and continued until 1861 when the spring was ‘decommissioned’ and converted into a memorial fountain. The catalyst for the project was what remains of the spring, a residual trickle and a shallow concrete pool. By considering the remnants of the spring Eaton has generated an installation to consider the politics elicited by the way various groups have engaged with Gooninup.

The exhibition will include a screening of Martha Ansara and Robert Bropho’s documentary Always Was Always Will Be. The documentary tracks the 10 month political protest undertaken by Nungah groups that occurred on Gooninup in 1989.

Artist would like to thank Andrew Atchison, Martha Ansara and The Swan Valley Nungah Community.

Screening of Always Was Always Will Be
Friday 9 Oct. | 6pm

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