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Kings Artist-Run provides a location for contemporary art practice, supporting distinctive experimental projects by artists at all stages of their careers.
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KINGS Artist-Run acknowledges the Wurundjeri and Boonwurrung people of the Kulin Nation as the Traditional Custodians of the land on which we operate.

We offer our respect to Elders both past and present and extend this offer to all Australian First Nations people.

Machine White Sun

Esther Gatón

19 October 2023–11 November 2023

This short film is composed by its character and its subject— the character is a gaze, that moves through a series of interstitial and festive spaces during the winter of 2019, and records what passes in front of it. The subject is the movement, behaviour, and temperament of various fluids.

We see scenes of water put to work in harshly directed jets, rooms built for bathing and relaxation, heavy with condensation, and we see that same dew on the interior of a crowded night bus. We see found footage sourced online, mathematical modelling of flows and forces, underwater vignettes, fake pearls and flood scenes. Water that is domesticated and water out of control. Abstracted, aestheticised, damaging, and utilitarian situations; the gaze encounters all of them with equality, at the same small distance.

 The curator Rita Aktay writes in her essay The Thing in All of It’s Instances as it Happens (2020, written to accompany the work. The first sentence is a quote from Jacques Rancière’s essay The Future of the Image, 2003) that:

There is a visibility that does not amount to an image. And how does one visualise something that exists in many places at once, in each instance on its own terms? For example, condensation on a transparent surface is one manifestation of water, but is that the same as the condensation on the windows of a crowded night bus? There is only the entirety of the thing in all of its instances as it happens, which is still not the thing itself.

The quality of the gaze is tuned to what Aktay identifies as ‘the thing itself’, which cannot be cleanly imaged. In embedding itself into these encounters with fluids, the gaze makes its character known. And as its character is revealed it begins to speak, though what it says is murky; language is not quite sufficient for this type of speaking.

Perhaps what we are left with is a horizontal ordering of experiences, interested in the arbitrariness of a direct encounter with the world. As the film moves forward, images seemed gratuitous begin to coalesce into a story and a mood, which eventually brings the viewer to a flooded artificial beach, with its fake palms, infatuated couples, loud ambient music and vain teenagers. It is Christmas time. The final calamity, the unstoppable flood, brings an ambience of peace. Aktay says this:

Friends are Important. Yet there is a certain ugliness to that which is just there, that which just happens. All those things that weren’t specifically intended by anyone but somehow still managed to end up overdetermined. Or all those things that were once attempted but didn’t even fail.

See the exhibition room sheet here.

The Thing in All of its Instances as it Happens
Rita Aktay
, 2020

Listen to Esther’s conversation on this work with facilitators Giulia Shah and Alex Bell.
Residency 11:11, 2021

STRAY VOLTAGE presents a discursive program of critically engaged moving image works focusing on experimental narrative-driven practices, led by Katie Paine and Aaron Rees.

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  • Esther Gatón (b. Valladolid, 1988) based between Madrid and London, works across film, sculpture and writing. She studied fine art at Saint-Luc Belgium, University of Barcelona, and Goldsmiths London, and holds a PhD rated cum laude from the Complutense Madrid. In 2022, Esther completed the residency at WIELS Brussels, and in 2023 she presented a solo curated by Cory John Scozzari at CA2M Madrid. In early 2023, Esther started abierto, a non-profit project for encountering diverse artistic practices in small and intimate contexts, in SE London. She has exhibited work in institutions such as CAPC Bourdeaux, CA2M, MUSAC León, Matadero Madrid, La Casa Encendida, Patio Herreriano Valladolid, Navarra University Museum, Fabra I Coats Barcelona, C3A Córdoba, Laboral Gijón and TEA Tenerife; and in galleries such as The Ryder Intersticio, korai Cyprus, Nordés Santiago, Luis Adelantado Valencia, Irène Laub Brussels, The Watch Berlin, Elba Benítez & Schneider Colao Madrid, Cibrián Donostia and Verão Lisbon. She worked as an Honorary Collaborator at the UCM and as a lecturer at Master Landa. She has given talks at Gelatina, Feria Arco, TAI, InJuve, CAAC Seville. Her writing has been published at University of Alicante, Materiales Concretos, Nero, A*Desk, Editorial Concreta and Urbanomic. Recent awards include Circuitos, Sant Andreu, Injuve, Ayudas Comunidad of Madrid, London Art Council, a-n Bursaries, Veepee, Generaciones, and Guichet Ouvert. Her work is represented in Spain by Cibrián.